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The New EA Paradigm 3: The Pattern: Make-to-Order

Strategy Pattern

WOW! We have been Zachman Certifying so many people these last 2 months, I feel like I have been on the road non-stop! Sorry to take so long with this next part of the blog!

Go back to the Toyota illustration... I want to develop a pattern, a Strategy Pattern, for you. I am sure it is a universal pattern. I use Manufacturing, tangible products, because they are easier to conceptualize than intangible products like services but I am sure this is a universal pattern

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Enterprise Architecture Defined: What is Architecture?

What Is Enterprise Architecture

I think before we can define Enterprise Architecture, we need to ask ourselves the first question: "what is Architecture?"

Architecture ... what is it?

Some people think the Roman Coliseum is Architecture. This is a COMMON MISCONCEPTION!

Notice: This same mis-conception about Enterprises is what leads people to misconstrue Enterprise Architecture as being big, monolithic, static, inflexible and unachievable ... and it takes too long and costs too much!

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