Accelerated Path


Course Guidance

If the rigor of the Accelerated format is for you, then we are happy to come along side you with mentorship and guidance during this program. You will work on a real practicum project and do real analysis using multiple tools and recommendations from around the industry.

For those government students who have computer security restrictions, we offer everyone a Virtual Machine that will allow all students to be able to participate in the modeling and analysis exercises with the various tools. 

Students who have already completed their ACEA Green Belt, and who are choosing to complete their CEA Black Belt certification, are only required to attend the second half of the Black Belt course, however they are welcome to sit the first half as a refresher if desired. 

Course Format

In the accelerated path, all five courses are taught simultaneously over the course of 12 weeks. Students should be prepared for the following format:

  • 2 Weeks: Self-study at home
  • 3 Days: In-class teaching (live, in virtual classroom)
  • 3 Weeks: Self-paced study and team engagement at home
  • 3 Days: In-class teaching (live, in virtual classroom)
  • 4 Weeks: Self-paced study and team engagement at home
  • 1 Day: Practicum presentation and defense (live, in virtual classroom)

(More detail below) 

The total amount of days throughout the program that you have to "be somewhere" (in-seat or virtually) is 7 total days. The remaining time is spent online in our Virtual University working on course assignments as well as working with your team on your practicum project.

Students will be involved in a mixed experience that consists of both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Students should anticipate spending an average of 6-7 hours per week in the program. Students will also have the option to work on their Integrated Architecture Description as a part of a team, but should anticipate most assignments as being done individually.

Schedule At-a-Glance

  • Weeks 1-2 (Student Self-Study): Course materials and assignments are reviewed and performed by the student on-line in the FEAC Virtual University in preparation for Instructor-lead session.
  • Week 3 (Instructor-Lead Session): Three days (24 contact hours) of instructor-lead, hand's-on, facilitated sessions with exercises and demonstration, building skills and competency in the building of Enterprise Architecture artifacts, models and analysis. Students attend via tele-presence (online).
  • Weeks 4-6 (Cohort Engagement): Team-based completion of assignments and practicum, accessing material and assignments online in the FEAC Virtual University. Students should plan to allocate 40-60 hours for assignments and practicum.
  • Week 7 (Instructor-Lead Session): Four days (32 contact hours) Student cohorts will present their practicum results and participate with industry speakers. ACEA (Green Belt) present their practicum on Monday only of this week and will test online for completion of the certification. 
  • Weeks 8-11 (Cohort Engagement): CEA Black Belt candidates will continue team-based completion of assignments and practicum, completion of additional assignments and refinement practicum efforts in the FEAC Virtual University. Students should plan to allocate 40-60 hours for assignments and practicum.
  • Week 12 (CEA Black Belt Practicum Defense and Certification): Over 1-2 days; cohorts will defend their practicums and take their final examination for CEA Certifications. Students attend via tele-presence (online)

Course Dates and Registration

Course Descriptions and Syllabi

The FEAC CEA is a competency-based program in which students will learn the foundations of Enterprise Architecture and the value and utility of different frameworks, modeling notations, and techniques. The full schedule is 12 weeks in length. 

The focus of the first seven weeks of the program is on the mechanics of developing an integrated Enterprise Architecture. The final five weeks of the program takes the knowledge gained in the first seven weeks and focuses on how to use EA to solve issues faced by the enterprise. 

Additional discussions focus on how to present EA artifacts, manage your program, develop EA services, etc. Students completing the entire twelve-week program achieve designation as a Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA, Black Belt). Black Belt students will work with both DoDAF and FEA Frameworks.

Our programs are spread over five courses. 

Click the button below to see complete course descriptions and syllabi.

Certifications and Rewards:

CEA (Certified Enterprise Architect) designation from our CEA Accrediting Examination Board

FEAC Diploma in electronic or printed format

Certification Verification on the FEAC web site here

CEA badge for use with your business cards and/or email signatures

CEA lapel pin and FEAC™ Institute baseball cap

Ability to join a large network of FEAC™ Alumni who participate in invited forums, conferences and other FEAC™ sponsored events

Other things you want to know

  • These courses are available as both in-seat, on location and now as a virtual, online session (more info)! (You have to be on-line at the same time as the other students are in class- but you can be in your pajamas!) Please select how you would like to take the course at registration.
  • Session 1 Self-study will not take the entire 2 weeks to complete, therefore registration is open until 1 week before the first instructor-lead session.
  • There are no prerequisites for this course. Some browse our resources and blog sections for preparation.
  • Payment can be made by credit card upon check-out.
  • If your employer is paying for the course, please register and select the "Pay Later" option. This will reserve your seat and we will invoice your payment point of contact (POC) that you provide at registration.
    • Government students may use the same process and then submit to us your SF-182 form.
Other Offers:
  • CEA BLACK BELT Completion: If you are a current ACEA who previously took our Green Belt program, and would like to complete your CEA Black Belt, you are eligible for 50% off the CEA course. Register for the CEA Black Belt course and use Discount Code: BBCOMPLETE upon checkout.
  • Any student interested in staying in the current session, but upgrading their registration to the next level (i.e.: upgrade from Yellow Belt to Green Belt, or from Green Belt to Black Belt, etc), please contact us, or tell one of our faculty on site that you would like to upgrade. We will upgrade you and bill you the difference.
  • All discounts may not be combined with any other discounts or offers.

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