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Let us help you gain the hard, technical skill-set to take your career to the next level

Take control of your career by earning the coveted CEA (Certified Enterprise Architect) Black Belt in Enterprise Architecture.
Whether you are brand new to EA, or a seasoned professional needing something new, our world-class Enterprise Architecture education will broaden your understanding and critical-thinking skills.
Your CEA Black Belt is grounded in both frameworks (i.e. Ontologies) and methodologies. We offer education in Enterprise Architecture that gives you broad exposure to the Enterprise Ontology and a range of framework and methodology choices with specialization in the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF), the Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) and the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF).
These Frameworks have proven over and over to have immediate applicability and impact in the private sector as well as the federal space. You don't have to be in Government to derive immediate EA impact from any of them!

With your time and practice, coupled with our active mentorship, we will partner with you to build your competency through analytics and problem solving using various tools from around the industry.

We'll guide you through a robust and complete set of artifacts and methodologies that will give any private sector organization or government agency EAs the ability to employ Enterprise Architecture and analyze their enterprise efforts with success.

In addition to these frameworks, we will take you into a tool-based environment that enables you to actively practice of Architecture Descriptive Languages such as BPMN, SysML, IDEF and others.

We will also provide you with an industry comparative frameworks overview that allows you to explore differences, similarities as well as recognized patterns between DODAF, FEAF, TOGAF®, Zachman® and more.

For those government students who have computer security restrictions, we offer everyone a Virtual Machine that will allow all students to be able to participate in the modeling and analysis exercises with the various tools.

Learn Enterprise Architecture based on a Standard

We care about your career and your ability to advance in your field, so we will help you learn EA based on the globally accepted ISO standard for Enterprise Architecture and Systems and Software Engineering.

The ISO standard identifies inter-related processes for more efficient and effective Enterprise Architecture practices. We will teach to this standard so that as you question and evaluate Enterprise Architecture Frameworks, Tools and Methodologies after you are certified, you will have an authoritative baseline that is is defensible.

We will help you understand the relation of your training to the consensus, international ISO standards so that you will be able to leverage your decisions in your Enterprise Architecture practice against a consistent authority; not just someone's opinion. You will learn to evaluate everything because you've been trained to the standard.

Train to the standard
Train to the standard
©ISO/IEC 2019
©IEEE 2019
Evaluate to the standard
Evaluate to the standard
©ISO/IEC 2019
©IEEE 2019
Practice to the standard
Practice to the standard
©ISO/IEC 2011
©IEEE 2011
Have an authoritative baseline
Have an authoritative baseline
©ISO 2019

Enterprise Architecture can be your personal, analytical tool to help you make important decisions about your organization. Learn how EA can give you the tools for analysis to:

  • Interpret Business Needs
  • Translate Technical Complexities
  • Scope High-level Vision
  • Be a Political Guide
  • Identify, Model and Document Project Details and Requirements
  • Test and Validate Requirements and Analysis Models
  • Develop Teams
  • Represent Project Stakeholders
  • Identify and Model Process Requirements
  • Identify and Model Data Requirements
  • Identify Business Rules Requirements
  • Identify Test Requirements and understand Analysis for Decision Making
  • Learn to Manage Requirements and Joint Application Development
  • Scope Projects
  • Understand and write Use Cases
  • Improve Business Processes
  • Understand Technical Specifications
  • Analyze Cost to Benefit
  • Lead and Manage Projects
  • ...and More!

Gain hard skills by doing a real-life, team-based project

If you don't feel relevant, a Black Belt Certification can help

Our certification course is not just an exercise in test preparation. In addition to world-class instruction, we will guide you through a real-life practicum project to help you develop your competency. You pick the project, and your team will develop the models and architecture to solve real business problems in class. Our real-life EAs will guide you every step of the way with their decades of experiences and learned lessons.

Many organizations invest significant dollars in attempting to apply the discipline of Enterprise Architecture without the benefit of fully qualified staff to do the analysis and the EA modeling and program support activities to make it work. This increases the risk and likelihood of failure, for them and/or their clients.

A CEA Black Belt ensures the keys to a complex projects’ success residing in understanding and leveraging the culture of the organization, tying into the budgeting processes, developing a realistic Statement of Work (SOW), selling it internally, implementing and integrating program elements, and measuring progress. For the Government, it also involves linking Enterprise Architecture to the CPIC, Exhibits 300 & 53, security, and to other ongoing OMB directed initiatives. Your certification is based on ISO standards, not best-practice.

Live or totally online, this hands-on course is real, University-backed Enterprise Architecture and competency-based learning. We will help guide you every step of the way through your practicum project as you solve real problems in class.

What sets our program apart from all others is the demonstration of competency. Because our CEA program takes place over 12 weeks, we take the time with you to develop your EA skill and ensure that you are competent to do Enterprise Architecture. We don't just show you what models look like and then prepare you to take a test, you will gain experience creating them yourself inside your real life project.

We will also help guide you through more technical aspects by introducing more advanced discussion topics such as Model Based System Engineering, Process Mining and the Unified Architecture Framework (UAF).

Your Black Belt Certification is University-level learning

Finally, our all curriculum has received mulitple university accreditations over the years, so you can be sure that the rigor of the program, the curriculum and excellence are at the University level.

  • Certification through Demonstrated Competency
  • Real-life Practicum Project
  • Hand's-on Learning
  • Multiple paths to Certification
  • Advanced Discussion Topics
  • Enterprise Analysis
  • Live or Virtual

Applicants must possess the ability to undertake college-level study. A general knowledge of business, program or IT planning and conceptual thinking abilities are desirable. Each course within these programs offers separate assignments and exams, but they are taught in relative consecutive order. Courses are often taken while students hold full-time jobs. While our courses are extremely intensive and require a great deal of effort outside of daily life, our seasoned faculty has the experience to guide you to completion of all necessary requirements for certification.

Certifications and Rewards:

CEA (Certified Enterprise Architect) or ACEA (Associate Certified Enterprise Architect) designation from our CEA Accrediting Examination Board

FEAC Diploma in electronic or printed format

Ability to join a large network of FEAC™ Alumni who participate in invited forums, conferences and other FEAC™ sponsored events

Certification verification through digital badge

Course Dates and Registration

CEA Black Belt Program:
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Let us help you become a Certified Enterprise Architect (CEA). We will help you become your organization's internal consultant and use your architecture to answer your leadership's questions.




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