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Enterprise Architecture as a means of decision-insight


"You can't manage well what you can't see coherently"

-Doucet, Gøtze, Saha & Bernard

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, enterprise architecture (EA) has become increasingly pivotal in steering organizations toward strategic success. As an Enterprise Architect, I see several benefits the practice of EA brings to the table, particularly in fostering coherency management and enterprise transparency—two critical pillars for informed decision-making. 

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The Value of Enterprise Architecture in the Federated Information Technology Space.

Imagine-a-futuristic-federated-information-technology-space.-The-central-focus-is-a-large-holographic-display-showing-interconnected-nodes-symbolizi_20231104-174309_1 Connecting a federated world

Enterprise architecture (EA) is critical in the federated information technology space by providing a structured framework and methodology for aligning an organization's IT capabilities with its business goals and objectives. Enterprise architecture becomes even more essential in a federated IT environment where different departments or business units within an organization may have a degree of autonomy over their IT systems and resources. Here's how EA contributes to the success of a federated IT landscape: 

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​The Imperative of the Enterprise Architect in Today's Boardroom


In an era where digital transformation is not just a buzzword but a central tenet to organizational longevity, the enterprise architect (EA) has transitioned from being a back-office role to a critical advisor to leadership. Their relevance in steering the company's strategic trajectory is paramount. Here's my perspective:

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Continual Professional Development


As professionals, we understand and appreciate the need for continual professional development (CPD). Associations, training organizations, etc. exist to help facilitate this need. However, one of the most important aspects of a well-balanced approach to CPD is having access to a diversity of thought.

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